“It’s better to have a partner than to go it alone.”

(Ecclesiastes 4:9)

People pursue a coaching relationship for a number of reasons. Some want help in reaching goals, setting priorities, or creating new habits. Some are winning at work but losing at home and need help with balance and rhythm. Others want to be held accountable to do what they said, long after they said it.

As the founder of three successful ventures I understand the challenges leaders face and the difficulty of trying to go it alone. As a committed believer I help my clients tap into the wisdom of God’s word and a power that stays with them long after I’m gone.

There are two ways to live life; by design or by default. One takes thought, planning, and a whole lot of discipline. The other take no effort at all. Both routes end at a specific destination. But only one will take you where you really want to go. I help you make the better choice, and stay in it with you till you’re well on their way.

My coaching mentor put it like this.

“A coaching relationship is a sacred trust.”
Greg Salciccioli

I believe that and below is the process I use to build it.

Here’s how it works!


Have a conversation to see if a coaching relationship is a good fit for you.


Spend a day assessing your strengths, weaknesses, assets and choices that got you where you are today and paint a picture of your preferable future.


Chart a course for a one year relationship to take your vision to implementation so that you can begin to live your life by design and not default.

Design your life