Keys to a Killer Keynote!

My biggest insight as communicator came when I realized; the people who hire me are more nervous than me! 
That bothered me, but made perfect sense. The success of their event was riding on the quality of their speaker. They were counting on me to deliver! An audience might forget a bad meal but they won’t forget a bad speech!

In order for that to change I created a process that puts my clients at ease before I ever took the stage. And if they agree to walk through the process, I will make them a promise. If I don’t meet their expectations, they don’t pay me. Simple as that!

I don’t make that claim lightly. I can’t! I make it because I know what my client wanted. The process clearly defined their communication objectives and painted a bullseye that I could hit — every single time!

The Killer Keynote Process

1 – Discover

Discovery begins the moment you fill out my simple questionnaire. I will read your inquiry and personally get back to you within twenty four hours. If I believe I am the right fit for you, I’ll set up call with you or your team to learn as much as possible about one another, your company, audience, and goals. I will also give you two key questions to prepare you for that call, along with some key references that you can check.

2 – Develop

Over the following weeks, I will read up on your company, develop your message, and schedule another call. Once I craft your message, I will look for the right visuals or video clips that will reinforce the key points you wish to instill.

Value Add: I then distill every message I give onto a client branded 3x5 card that’s interactive during the presentation and useful for participants long after.

3 – Deliver

Lastly, I will deliver a memorable message with accuracy, passion, and sincerity.

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